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Once a Righty, Now a Lefty

I am converting into a lefty. Why? Because my right hand failed me and I’m stuck in this thing for 4-6 weeks. When my doctor (whose looks resembled a frog) told me to keep this thumb prison on for 6 weeks I just looked at him and said “and by 6 you mean 3, right?” he didn’t like my joke.

Whenever someone asks me what happened I change the story.

I was having a thumb war with sasquatch

I was swimming with little mermaid when a shark attacked her, I punched the shark to save Ariel

I ran into a burning building to save 14 children and tripped on my way out

Sex with a prostitute, it’s dangerous

Obama bit me.

I am an elephant trainer, an elephant sat on me.

I was in a roller derby tournament

The truth is…the true story is very boring.


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Things I need…

I need these pillows..
I need scrabble jewelry…
scrabble tile pendants
I need to eat Scrabble chocolate…
I need a lawn just so I can get lawn Scrabble…
I should have been a Scrabble tile for Halloween..

These are just a few things I need in my life.


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My Little Barista

This is Daniel and James. Two boys that I babysit. This year James decided he wanted to be a Starbucks barista for Halloween, not batman, not spiderman but a barista. When his mother asked him why he wanted to be that his reason was, “Annette likes coffee so I like coffee”

He should win a prize for the best costume. Everyone got a kick out of it.

James rocks.


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