High Heels

Personally I feel like every woman should be able to walk in heels without feeling completely out of place up there. I understand this task is not the easiest one in the world which is why I have decided…

By the age of 25 every women should be able to successfully walk in heels.

At 25 years old I feel like there isn’t a good excuse to not be able to walk in heels. I’m 22, soon to be 23 I still have some time to practice but I don’t want to be able to just walk in them, I want to able to skip, run, and jump. In order to accomplish this I have just been running back and forth in heels, yes I do look ridiculous but it’s fine.


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One response to “High Heels

  1. Nat

    😦 I’m sorry but I am the worst heel walker ever at the tender age of 25. I don’t wear heels in fact I don’t even own a pair of heels. When I have borrowed and worn them for occasions I am totally unco. I end up being the person running around in bare feet because I have submitted to the high heel god and proved to be unworthy. Honestly I feel uncomfortable being tall. The world looks way different from up there.

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