This is my blog, it is about whatever I want it to be about. Look around, enjoy your stay.

100 Things About Me
1. I want to travel the world but I never want to move out of my hometown
2. The color orange makes me happy
3. I drink coffee religiously
4. I am suppose to graduate college in 2010
5. I have a cat named Elly May. I don’t like any other cats.
6. The ocean fascinates me
7. Elevators make me sick
8. I have a pearl necklace from Thailand
9. I become obsessed with things easily
10. I have a super ball collection
11. My socks almost never match, when they do I like to celebrate
12. Blueberries are my favorite fruit
13. I adore compound words
14. As far as make up goes, lipstick is by far my favorite
15. I can hold a handstand for over a minute without using a wall for balance
16. I like boys who like their mothers
17. I enjoy pie more than I enjoy cake
18. My eyes are green
19. I love it when my underwear matches my bra. Nobody can see it, but it makes me feel good about myself.
18. I like picnics but I dislike eating outside
19. Horses freak me out, I won’t go near one. ever.
20. My computer swears at me whenever I receive mail
21. My first legal drink was an Apple Martini
22. I like a persons imperfections
23. My teeth are crooked
24. I was in an Oprah Winfrey commercial when I was 5
25. I am always late no matter how hard I try. Unless it is for class, then I am obnoxiously early
26. I have a celebrity girl crush on Ellen Page
27. When I am upset I get the hiccups
28. Scrabble is my favorite game, I have an unhealthy obsession with it
29. I apply anti-wrinkle cream to my face every night
30. One of my favorite past times is coloring with markers
31. I love cartoon pizza
32. I hate being barefoot
33. I can’t stand the word “hate”
34. I don’t like being asked questions when I first wake up
35. I love Starburst candy
36. I haven’t had pop since 2005
37. I am a daredevil
38. I started watching 20/20 when I was 8
39. Both of my middle fingers are slightly crooked
40. I am very happily dating my high school sweet heart
41. I don’t believe in ghosts
42. I named my computer Disco
43. I own three ipods and I use them all
44. Whenever I feel ill, I google my symptoms and check Webmd.com
45. I never frown
46. Daisies are my favorite flower
47. I think that junk food tastes good because it’s bad for you
48. I believe it’s ok to let the sun set on an argument, sleep on it. Discuss the problem when you are rested and calm
49. I think that beauty magazines promote low self-esteem
50. I want a to take a limo everywhere
51. I am terrible at math
52. I am a very fast reader
53. I practice sign language in the shower. No singing in the shower for me
54. I love sign language
55. My legs are always itchy
56. I amaze myself with how well I am able to function with very little sleep
57. There is nothing quite like clean sheet day, I adore it.
58. I am madly in love with polka dots
59. I purchased and watched the worst reality show there is, “The real housewives of orange county”
60. I have the handwriting of a 6 year old girl
61. I do not like throwing stickers away. I am not talking about nice stickers either. Any sticker what-so-ever. The sticker that comes on your pants when you first buy them that tells you what size they are. I will stick it to nearby furniture before I realize how dumb it looks and throw it away
62. Rather than changing into a set of pajamas, I will often try to integrate part of my current outfit into sleep wear, usually whatever t-shirt or tank-top I am wearing, no matter how inappropriate for slumber. As long as it is reasonably comfy, it seems to me worth saving laundry space for
63. The movie “My Girl” always makes me cry
64. I love a man in a Fedora
65. I talk too fast, I often have to repeat myself for others
66. I lack musical talent of any kind
67. I, as many children did, had a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit about me. When I began to feel my allowance wasn’t quite cutting it, I started pondering new ways to make some cash. However, being of the creative type, I wouldn’t just settle for a lemonade stand or a paper route. I decided to put my talents to work and sell my drawings
68. While washing my hands, I sing happy birthday to myself…two times
69. I am paying for my college education, all by myself
70. Celebrity news bores me. I’d rather read a personal blog about a “nobody”
71. I stare at people a lot. Probably too much, I like to make up stories about their lives
72. Grapefruit juice will almost always cheer me up
73. I received my first real kiss on Valentines day, on my front porch, when I was 15
74. I have a habit of naming inanimate objects, I reuse the name Henry way too often
75. I have a fake microphone in my bedroom that I sing into on a regular basis
76. I believe there is no humane way to kill another human being
77. I have a bad habit of biting my nails
78. I will always have a fine at the library
79. I strongly dislike myspace.
80. I love wearing my boyfriends clothes
81. I love layering my clothes
82. I enjoy nerdy things
83. I was once obsessed with the Backstreet Boys. I wanted to see them in concert so badly I tried to win a burger king contest for tickets. I ate burger king all the time (sick) and spent my day drawing burger king logo’s on index card. I didn’t win
84. I love movies
85. I have really good lips
86. I’ve never been to California
87. When I eat macaroni and cheese, I always have to eat it with a side of applesauce. It sounds gross, but I like to mix the two together.
88. When I was 3 my mom took me to an eye doctor because I told her to stop making me two bowls of cereal. She was only making me one. I’ve had glasses ever since.
89. I was homeschooled most of my life
90. I had a pet frog named Ernie, he lived for 9 years.
91. Hoodies do it for me. On men or women, what can I say? I dig them.
92. I make to-do list on a small white board in my room. I love erasing tasks off my list that I have completed. Sometimes, I put tasks on that list that I have already done just so I can erase it.
93. When I grow up I want to get an Old English Sheepdog and name him Einstein
94. I love gymnastics, I love coaching it more.
95. I love superman. I wish I could have his babies
96. I have a bad habit of reading the last page of a book before I start it
97. Whenever I doodle I always draw apples
98. I secretly want to join a circus. Who cares if they are all freaks, I think it’d be fun
99. I am only five feet tall
100. My mom is my favorite person to hug


5 responses to “About

  1. Awww, I want to coach gymnastics!
    And thanks for stopping by my blog, I’m adding you to my reader.

  2. margot

    Thanks for stopping by the blog… Flock really is amazinh

  3. 87. When I eat macaroni and cheese, I always have to eat it with a side of applesauce. It sounds gross, but I like to mix the two together.

    You’re right.. that really does sound gross.

  4. randomxgirl

    How do I add you to like my favorite blogs on here?

  5. Hey Annette,

    you sure are a fun and interesting girl.
    Just thought I should let you know. I’m so gonna put you on my feeds-list!

    Maggie (from Germany)

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