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Brilliant Blog

I think…I should send something in to Post Secret

I was disappointed this past Sunday when there wasn’t a full post of secrets to read.

Some things can’t be posted on a regular blog…that is why we have Post Secret. It’s a brilliant blog.

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Visual verification

Dear Blogspot blogger,

I love your blog, I read it on a regular basis. Most of the time I do not leave a comment, it’s rude I know but in my defense there is a PROBLEM with the way blogger has their comments set up. 8 times out of 10 it fails. It tells me that I need to sign in, or it doesn’t leave my link, or it just doesn’t work. Blogspot is a failure when it comes to comments. Please know that I do not hold it against you that you are on a blogspot blog. I just cannot comment as often as I’d like to. Don’t worry your little head, I will still continue to read your blog.

Someone who loves WordPress

PS- My favorite part of posting a comment blogger is the visual verification. This shows that you are in fact a human being and not a robot trying to spam an innocents persons blog. I love the way the words are a little distorted, sometimes a little blurry, but mostly I love that while I was attempting to comment on my dear friend Christina’s blog my visual verification word was “FCKUP”

Oh visual verification, you made me laugh out loud at my computer screen.

Visual verification

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Rub me on your butt

Second Party had the wonderful idea to take this print from Threadless and place it in a kitchen.


Now I want to get this print and hang it in my bathroom

Good idea, no?

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Big Adventures For a Little Guy

Java Joe is my little friend who spends most of his time on my desk sticking his tongue out at me while I surf the web. Recently I sent Java Joe to my roommate who is currently living in Germany. Although I enjoy having Java Joe on my desk I decided it was time he had a little adventure in his life. I knew roommate would show him a good time. I was right. He has been on the train, the subway, to the English gardens, down roommates friend’s blouse (he’s a frisky little guy). He even got lost in the park at night when roommate and her Germany friends went out in the middle of night in costume. But then he was found again! he’s a survivor.

Here are a few pictures roommate sent me of Java Joe and his adventures.

DSC00950 by you.
DSC00951 by you.

DSC00952 by you.

DSC00955 by you.

DSC00954 by you.
Thanks for the pictures roommate.

I can’t wait to see what Java Joe will do next.

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The Makeover

My blog has experienced a makeover. It’s not a drastic extreme makeover, its ever so slight but these slight changes I’ve made make a world of a difference.

Out with the old and in with the new!

~First of all I would like to direct your attention to the ‘About’ section on my blog. There is a new picture and I think it’s much more fitting than the old one. (if you look closely, notice the shirt I am wearing, it’s a wordpress shirt)

~Back to the home page. I have a new header image, I liked the old one a lot but it was just time to change it.

~Updated blogroll! I have added a few important people to my blogroll, people that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

~Last but not least! This is the most exciting, you may or may not have noticed but I am now a proud domain name owner! (you know you are a nerd when a domain name makes you giddy) My new domain name is Notice the title of my blog is now “What’s That Blog”

Check out the changes, let me know what you think!

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Busiest Day (yay!)

Tuesday June 10th 2008 was my blogs busiest day. I don’t know why, it just was. I finally beat my old record of 195 views in one day. My record is now 271 views in one day! (You go blog!)


Thank you, thank you.

I couldn’t have done it without you (readers). Thanks for reading my blog, it makes my day. (really it does)

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Tuna Man

I would like to direct your attention over to one of my favorite blogs, Reasons Why I Dumped You for two reasons.

  1. The content of that blog is fantastic and hilarious
  2. I submitted a post which was posted TODAY! (exciting right?)

If you would like to see the post that I submitted (trust me when I say that you want to see it) Check it out,

Tuna Carrier!

Note: the content which I posted is 100% true.

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