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Not Getting Lucky

If I was in the dating world I’d be really tempted to wear this shirt on a date just so there isn’t any confusion

(From Charlotte Russe)

I know…I can be really mean sometimes.

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I really shouldn’t show people this picture..

I went out like this.

If you are thinking “No you didn’t” It wouldn’t surprise me, but the truth is I did.

I wish I was joking, I realize how ridiculous this looks. Don’t worry I am not a full on bucket of crazy, I had pants on that covered up the slipper socks I was wearing with my heels.

There is reasoning behind it, I wasn’t just trying to be quirky. Those heels are a tad too big for me and kept slipping off my heel. So I came up with the genius idea to put slippers on…and it worked.

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Another Panty Post

I might be addicted to buying new undies. I had absolutely no intention of buying any when I went to the mall the other day, but they were just so ridiculously cute I couldn’t say no. Literally. I found myself buying not just one but 8 pairs of panties. Which is NOTHING compared to the sales associate at Aerie who told me she has enough pairs of underoo’s to last her three years without wearing the same pair twice.

Last time I bought new undies I posted a picture of them. This time, I am going to leave it a mystery.

The cute little box on the right is from Aerie. The pink bag is obviously from Victoria Secret.

100_3268 by you.

When you sign up for what Aerie calls their A-list card, you get a free pair of underwear of your choice! Then they put it in that cute little box. That box is not only cute, but very nice. This is what it looks like when you open it…

100_3274 by you.

100_3275 by you.

Aw! Thanks undie box! I know I am the best but it’s still nice to hear.

In the long run I am actually saving money by buying more underoo’s. Because the more pairs of underwear I have, the less often I will have to do laundry. Saving money in laundry detergent, and quarters used for the washer and dryer!

Buying new undies is not only fun, it’s smart. 🙂

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Lets go swimming

I got a new swimsuit and it’s wonderful! It was on sale which makes it even better, it was only available in two sizes, one of them just happened to be MY SIZE. Woo!

I’m all ready to go swimming, come on lets go!

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Yea, I don’t know how to use this

I finally saw SATC (and I made boyfriend see it with me, poor guy) Please note that my opinion on this movie is coming from a girl who loved and enjoyed the show throughly…

I didn’t like it overall. I think that this movie would have been better as another season, It dragged on making me anxious for it to end. And if I had a dollar for every time I said, “what the hell is she wearing?” I’d be rich. What was with the wardrobe?

The one thing I enjoyed (my favorite part in the ENTIRE movie)…

At the wedding when Carrie finds out that Big is not there

Carrie: “I need a phone somebody give me a phone!”

    (Friend hands her iPhone)

Carrie: (glances at phone) “Yea I don’t know how to use this, I need another phone!”

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Dirty Underwear

I have been busy this week. So busy that I didn’t do any laundry, I actually ran out of underwear. I did what every normal person would do in that situation, I got a load of laundry (mostly underwear) and went to go put them in my washing machine…

…Mr. Washing Machine is being fickle and decided he doesn’t want to work AT ALL. I wore every pair of underwear I owned, the granny panties (I have no idea how I acquired those) the inappropriate panties (given to me as gag gifts) swim suit bottoms, ugly underwear from 7 years ago. I wore every single pair and had NOTHING left to wear on my bum.

I pondered my options,

  • Go camando
  • Hand wash my panties
  • Take panties to a laundry mat
  • Take panties to best friends house

Then I realized what the BEST option was and I can’t believe it took me so long to realize it…


Lucky for me American Eagle had an underwear sale and I bought myself nine pairs. I realize that nine is a lot of pairs to get at once but it will tide me over until Mr. Washing Machine Fixer comes over and fixes Mr. Broken Washing Machine.

My pile of new panties, aren’t they adorable? I love new underwear.

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It all started with a chair.

So one of my favorite movies came out today. Juno

Saw it in theaters 3 times. Bought the soundtrack. Downloaded a Juno ringtone. Added “Whoa dream big” to my vocabulary.

Some might say that I’m obsessed, I’m not I promise. Even though all the evidence points directly at me and says “That girl is obsessed with Juno” It’s not true, really.

My movie came with a free shirt! That pretty much made my day. It’s a subtle Juno shirt, only having the logo from the highschool in the movie. I love it. I love that it doesn’t say JUNO in big letters. Too bad it goes down to my knees. It is assumed that the general public is large and therefore wear large t-shirts. That leaves little people like me with adorable shirts I’d love to wear but can’t unless I want to look as though I am going to a pajama party.

Dancing Elk Condors Juno t-shirt
There is a good chance I will give this shirt to boyfriend. There is also a good chance I will buy myself the same shirt in a smaller size, is it worth spending $20? Decisions, decisions.
Vintage Slinky T-Shirt
I am pretty sure I want to buy this shirt as well. It was also seen in the movie. Although I am pretty much set in the t-shirt department, you can never have too many t-shirts right?  Again with the decisions.

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