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I used to think I was invincible..

It’s true. I did. I was the overly confident girl that thought no matter what no one could ever hurt me. Especially a man. It never occurred to me that sometimes certain men are stronger than me even if I am curiously strong for my size. I always thought that if a man tried to forcefully make me do anything that I’d be able to handle it…

Then there was this one time two male friends of mine were playing the game Monkey In the Middle with me..

…I was the ball.

It was from that moment on as I was flying through the air back and forth between these two males that I realized I do not always have total control and sometimes men are not only bigger than me, but stronger too. I am a little scared and feel like I should sign up for self defense classes asap because next time the two males might not be friends of mine and they might want to play a game other than Monkey In the Middle.

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Move the Rug

I invented a new game called move the rug. There is a boy who lives on my floor, he has a pink rug in front of his door. I like to take that rug and put it in front of other peoples doors. He usually finds it within 24 hours and puts it back and I attack again the next morning. He has no idea it’s me. In fact,I have even placed the rug in front of my door.

At one point I thought for sure I lost the rug forever, stupidly I put the rug on an elevator. You can’t choose which elevator you ride on and it was just my luck that the one elevator I put the rug on never opened for me so I had no idea if it was still in there. The rug was missing for a couple of days. Thankfully, he got it back eventually. I decided to no longer put the rug on the elevator.

I love my new game!

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Observation: The top rings don’t cross over eachother

My weekend has so far revolved around the Olympic Games. If you are not watching, you are seriously missing out. I am so lucky boyfriend has TiVo, we have been able to record each individual sport which we then watch later so we can fast forward through all the crap (commercials) I am even luckier because later he plans on burning the games to a DVD for me so I can watch it as many times as I want whenever I want. Isn’t he wonderful? I think so.

Beijing 2008 Olympic Cupcake by clevercupcakes.
Photo Taken From

Things I love about the Olympic Games

  • They only come around every 4 years, making them a big deal.
  • The WHOLE world gets involved
  • Word Records
  • History
  • Opening Ceremonies
  • Fireworks
  • Talent
  • Traditions
  • Families supporting and cheering their loved ones on
  • Beach Vollyball
  • Diving
  • Trampoline
  • Swimming
  • The little Chinese boy who survived the earthquake in May and saved a few of his fellow classmates. When asked why he went back in the rubble to save people he said, “It’s my job, I am a hall monitor
  • I really can’t think of anything I don’t like about the Olympics, I love everything about it. Well… besides Fencing. I don’t like Fencing, sorry but it’s a little stupid.

Yesterday was perfect. Boyfriend and I ordered Chinese food, ya know cause its festive considering the games are in China, not to mention delicious. Then we watched about 4 hours (give or take) of the Olympics. After about 2 hours we started to feel like serious fat-asses. It was perfect.

My plan today? Eat leftover Chinese food and watch 4 more hours of the Olympics.

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Aw come on, one more?

It’s time to talk about my favorite game right now. And no, it’s not Mario Kart. Shocking, I know.

My new favorite game is Boom Blox for the Wii.

I love it because ANYONE can play it

It’s towers and castles
It’s Blocks and Baseballs
It’s Jenga and Gems
It’s points and puzzles
It’s Bowling Balls and knocking stuff down
It’s exploding bombs

I actually get upset with boyfriend when he tells me, “That’s enough for tonight, lets go to sleep” I feel like a rotten kid when I respond with. “Just let me finish!” or, “Aw come on, one more?”

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At least I never tried to make Yoshi out of frosting

I thought that because whenever I drive and I want to throw shells and banana’s at passing cars, I was addicted to Mario Kart for the Wii.

I thought that because whenever I turn corners while driving I want to turn the wheel the opposite direction to get a nice drift for the extra boost, I was addicted to Mario Kart for the Wii.

I thought that because whenever I am caught at a red light and it finally turns green I pull up on the steering wheel in attempt to make the car do a wheelie so I can get an extra boost.

I thought I was addicted. But then I saw this person’s wedding cake;

Photo taken from M.A.L’s photostream
Notice all the little details, whoever designed this cake really knows their Mario Kart.

Some people have it far worse than I do, compared to the couple with this cake I am not addicted at all, I simply just enjoy the game.

If you drive by a red car and suddenly experience a banana peel flying at you, I apologize. I hope that you do not spin out of control.

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Double twisting double back

I have seen it all. I saw a gymnast do a double full double back flip. It looked like she was flying.

I am so excited for the Olympics this year! I love everything about the Olympic games. The womens gymnastics is my favorite though. I have been busy watching the womens gymnastics trials on NBC, and let me tell you, gymnastics has reached an entirely new level of insanity. The sport, although I love it, is crazy. I believe I mentioned how crazy gymnastics is before.


1.    (used with a plural verb) gymnastic exercises.
2.    (used with a singular verb) the practice art, or competitive sport of gymnastic exercises.
3.    (used with a plural verb) mental feats or other exercises of skill: Verbal gymnastics.

The womens gymnastics trials continue tonight on NBC! Be sure to tune in, you won’t be sorry. I think you can watch the trials online too.

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I use to enjoy rainbows

Mario Kart for the Wii is absolutely fantastic. I enjoy it more than any other Mario Kart I have played. There is one thing I could do without…

…that is impossible levels like Rainbow Road. This course has always been difficult but now it is simply ridiculous. When I see this track come up I know there is a good chance I won’t even finish because it is so easy to fall off on every turn. Forget going fast, I am just trying to stay on. Forget items, using items in this level is just plain evil. I have a hard time controlling myself I don’t need items making it worse.

Before, when I thought of rainbows I thought of the sun shining after a rainfall, I thought of pleasant and happy colors…

That is a thing of the past, now when I think of rainbows I think of the road from hell.

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