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This might just be the best thing EVER

I was right.

“Hi. We’re blink-182. This past week there’ve been a lot of questions about the current status of the band, and we wanted you to hear it straight from us. To put it simply, We’re back. We mean, really back. Picking up where we left off and then some. In the studio writing and recording a new album. Preparing to tour the world yet again. Friendships reformed. 17 years deep in our legacy.”

Working on a new album?

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Sparkle in His Eye

I have been re-watching the entire Gilmore Girls series with my roommates, its been wonderful. I love the characters in that show. While watching an episode from season 7 something really interesting happened..

Rory (the main character) is talking to a man who works for the New York Times. He is asking her how she likes her job as editor at the Yale Daily News

Rory: “It’s fun, I get to give myself the best pieces to write. Actually I just got to interview Barack Obama”

NYT Guy: “Really? I hear he might run for president in 2008, did he say anything about that?”

Rory: “I actually asked him about that and he said no comment, but I saw a sparkle in his eye”

This was written in 2006. It’s crazy how things turn out.

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Steve Rules

4 things you don’t need/want to know.

1. I met a guy named Mike but I for some reason I called him Steve. Steve had this tattooed on the back of his neck. It is quite possibly the funniest tattoo I have ever seen.

2. Diablo Cody (writer of the award winning movie Juno) tells haters off making me love her even more. Read it here.

3. You know you need more sleep when…
you take off your underwear to put on a new clean pair, then take the dirty underwear and put it right back on thinking it’s clean. Then not realizing you are wearing dirty underwear until you are out the door…too much info? Probably. But don’t lie, you think it’s funny.

4. Check out my the band that I am currently obsessed with. Sun Domingo! It is seriously some good music.

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Womens Gymnastics Recap.

It was a close competition, there were moments I felt like puking I was that excited/nervous/upset. Team USA womens gymnastics took second to the Chinese. Although team USA had a good chance and put up some good competition, unfortunately, they fell short of gold.

Alicia Sacramone fell, twice. But that doesn’t change the way I feel about her, she is wonderful and talented. ( I might have a girl crush on her )

It’s probably a bad thing but because of the Olympics I have become spiteful towards the Chinese. I never thought I’d actually wish for a girl to fall, but I did. Too bad the Chinese did no such thing.

It is almost as though these little “16” year old girls have no choice in the matter, chosen at the age of three they start training for the Olympics. Rarely ever seeing their parents, if they want to quit the sport or even take time off it is not acceptable.

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They are just kids. Their passports say 16 but I am going to have to call bluff.

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Observation: The top rings don’t cross over eachother

My weekend has so far revolved around the Olympic Games. If you are not watching, you are seriously missing out. I am so lucky boyfriend has TiVo, we have been able to record each individual sport which we then watch later so we can fast forward through all the crap (commercials) I am even luckier because later he plans on burning the games to a DVD for me so I can watch it as many times as I want whenever I want. Isn’t he wonderful? I think so.

Beijing 2008 Olympic Cupcake by clevercupcakes.
Photo Taken From

Things I love about the Olympic Games

  • They only come around every 4 years, making them a big deal.
  • The WHOLE world gets involved
  • Word Records
  • History
  • Opening Ceremonies
  • Fireworks
  • Talent
  • Traditions
  • Families supporting and cheering their loved ones on
  • Beach Vollyball
  • Diving
  • Trampoline
  • Swimming
  • The little Chinese boy who survived the earthquake in May and saved a few of his fellow classmates. When asked why he went back in the rubble to save people he said, “It’s my job, I am a hall monitor
  • I really can’t think of anything I don’t like about the Olympics, I love everything about it. Well… besides Fencing. I don’t like Fencing, sorry but it’s a little stupid.

Yesterday was perfect. Boyfriend and I ordered Chinese food, ya know cause its festive considering the games are in China, not to mention delicious. Then we watched about 4 hours (give or take) of the Olympics. After about 2 hours we started to feel like serious fat-asses. It was perfect.

My plan today? Eat leftover Chinese food and watch 4 more hours of the Olympics.

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The Greatest Week of the Year

Lets plan on making shark week an unusually large celebration.

Don’t miss out on Shark week starting on July 27th on the Discovery Channel.

 Why? Well, I ask you. What is better than being shown three million pounds of pure muscle and eight hundred thousand teeth in seven days? What better way to spend your time than to hear the chilling tales of shark attack victims and the power of the world’s most awesome creature? You may have passed on the Discovery Channel’s lists of what you can make out of old trash, or their revamping of how we look at the myths of Amazonian women, but THIS IS NOT SOMETHING TO PUNK OUT ON.

The Great White Shark Song

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Double twisting double back

I have seen it all. I saw a gymnast do a double full double back flip. It looked like she was flying.

I am so excited for the Olympics this year! I love everything about the Olympic games. The womens gymnastics is my favorite though. I have been busy watching the womens gymnastics trials on NBC, and let me tell you, gymnastics has reached an entirely new level of insanity. The sport, although I love it, is crazy. I believe I mentioned how crazy gymnastics is before.


1.    (used with a plural verb) gymnastic exercises.
2.    (used with a singular verb) the practice art, or competitive sport of gymnastic exercises.
3.    (used with a plural verb) mental feats or other exercises of skill: Verbal gymnastics.

The womens gymnastics trials continue tonight on NBC! Be sure to tune in, you won’t be sorry. I think you can watch the trials online too.

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