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Doppleganger Week

Doppleganger is Facebooks latest fad.

In order to celebrate Doppelganger Week, Facebook users switch their profile pictures to famous people they have been told they resemble. It could be Michael Jackson, Zach Efron, or if you’re lucky, Natalie Portman or Jennifer Aniston

The trend appears to be catching on like wildfire, so much so that its success is being compared to that of the “bra color” status updates. The bra color trend had women updating what color bra they were sporting that day in order to raise awareness for breast cancer.

Here is my contribution to Doppleganger week. No, I am not going to put it on Facebook. This is me and boyfriend:

It’s not a celebrity but these are the two characters I thought were most like us so I broke the rules a little bit. I think it still counts.



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32′ D

Sales Lady: “Can I help you find a bra?”

Amanda: “ No, I’m a 32 D, you don’t carry my size”

Sales Lady: “Why don’t you try a 32 C? It’s the sister size to 32 D”

My thoughts: I didn’t realize bra sizes had sisters…who knew..

Amanda: “I tried that one on last time and my nipple was falling out” *Points to me* “You can ask her, she saw it”

Me: “It’s true, her nipple was definitely exposed”

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Registering for classes at my school is just as frustrating as this bra…


I was a very persistent little pest and ended up getting into the classes I want/need. Just like this bra, it took a lot of determination but the end result is worth it.

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