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Doppleganger Week

Doppleganger is Facebooks latest fad.

In order to celebrate Doppelganger Week, Facebook users switch their profile pictures to famous people they have been told they resemble. It could be Michael Jackson, Zach Efron, or if you’re lucky, Natalie Portman or Jennifer Aniston

The trend appears to be catching on like wildfire, so much so that its success is being compared to that of the “bra color” status updates. The bra color trend had women updating what color bra they were sporting that day in order to raise awareness for breast cancer.

Here is my contribution to Doppleganger week. No, I am not going to put it on Facebook. This is me and boyfriend:

It’s not a celebrity but these are the two characters I thought were most like us so I broke the rules a little bit. I think it still counts.



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Facebook friend requests that make you want to click ignore

My favorite song right now is by Kate Miller-Heidke. It’s funny, it’s true, we have all felt this way at some point, and it goes like this..

They say every one should have their heart broken, at least once. That that is how you grow emotionally. Well, I have been misused by many many many men, but nothing can compare to how you treated me.

At times it really felt as though the pain was here to stay. And though it’s many years ago, I feel it to this day.

And now you wanna be my friend on facebook… Are you fuckin kidding me?

All the memories are flooding back to me now. All the ways you stole the light from my eyes.
I travelled so far just to get away from you! Till this mornings friend request surprise.

At times it really felt as though I’d never smile again. You narcissistic ass hole, oh you nasty nasty man.

And now you wanna be my friend on facebook… Are you fucking kidding?

I dont wanna know what kind of cocktail you are or which member of the beatles or which 1950’s movie star. I dont give a toss if you’re a ninja or a pirate, I’d suspect you’d be a pirate but i dont wanna verify it. and I dont give a shit what your stripper name is or if your Kitty had a litter..

Look, just follow me on twitter.

I dont care about your family tree and i certainly dont want you poking me!.. again.

And now you wanna be my friend on facebook…

Click ignore.

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You’re so pretty on Facebook!

Today while I was coaching gymnastics one of my 7th grade students said to me: You are so pretty in your facebook pictures, you’re like a gem. Much prettier than whenever I see you.

It started out as such a good compliment…I don’t think I’ve ever been called a gem before. But it doesn’t matter because apparently I’m prettier online than I am in real life.

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Note to self:

DO NOT buy teeth whitener off a Facebook AD. The result will be a burn, badly. You might experience bleached gums, spitting up blood, and a swollen face. It’s so not the white teeth you were hoping for.

PS- You have got to stop being such a weak shopaholic.

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