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Shawn in mid sleep rushes out of bed and into the corner of the room.

Me: “Babe, what are you doing?”

Shawn: “There’s something in the bed”

Me: “What? Where is it? What is it?”

Shawn: “It’s on your back”

Me: “Get it off!”

Shawn: “Noooo, it’s a monster”

Good to know that while in deep slumber my boyfriend would not save me from the monster on my back, he would just stand in the corner staring at it.



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Songs We Sing

Today, January 9th 2010 (11 days away from my birthday) My favorite artist is…

Matt Costa

I am going to listen to him all day. I am so excited.

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High Heels

Personally I feel like every woman should be able to walk in heels without feeling completely out of place up there. I understand this task is not the easiest one in the world which is why I have decided…

By the age of 25 every women should be able to successfully walk in heels.

At 25 years old I feel like there isn’t a good excuse to not be able to walk in heels. I’m 22, soon to be 23 I still have some time to practice but I don’t want to be able to just walk in them, I want to able to skip, run, and jump. In order to accomplish this I have just been running back and forth in heels, yes I do look ridiculous but it’s fine.

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Twitter Killed My Blog

I used to update my blog everyday. It was just a natural daily routine.

Then I became addicted to Twitter.

The stuff I used to blog about is now shortened into a 140 character tweet. I want to live in a world where my blog and my twitter are able to coexist. I can and I will make my blog and my twitter get along and play nicely.

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Once a Righty, Now a Lefty

I am converting into a lefty. Why? Because my right hand failed me and I’m stuck in this thing for 4-6 weeks. When my doctor (whose looks resembled a frog) told me to keep this thumb prison on for 6 weeks I just looked at him and said “and by 6 you mean 3, right?” he didn’t like my joke.

Whenever someone asks me what happened I change the story.

I was having a thumb war with sasquatch

I was swimming with little mermaid when a shark attacked her, I punched the shark to save Ariel

I ran into a burning building to save 14 children and tripped on my way out

Sex with a prostitute, it’s dangerous

Obama bit me.

I am an elephant trainer, an elephant sat on me.

I was in a roller derby tournament

The truth is…the true story is very boring.

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The Big Scary “L” Word.

Boy #1: “I’ll love you forever”
He’s gay now, I’m happy for him and his boyfriend

Boy#2: “I love you”
Me: “Thank you”
yea that didn’t work out

Boy#3 after we were together for 2 weeks: “I love you”
Me: “Are you kidding?” Sarcastically, “Should I take my pants off now?”
He wasn’t really what I call a keeper.

“I’m falling for you”
I didn’t tell him I felt the same, he left without saying goodbye.

Boy#5: “You’re the dream girl, you’re the one”
Me: “It’s not me, It can’t be me”

I have decided that I don’t want to be told those three words until the man saying the words is on one knee and not just to tie his shoe. My boyfriend is great, I really like him. Last Thursday without thinking I said “Love you” on the phone, he laughed, I made an awkward noise then hung up. It was precious.

I won’t be using the big scary L word anytime soon. Unless I’m talking to my mom, because I love her.


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The time I brought an entire family to tears..

This is Peter. Peter is 3 years old.
He is wearing an umpire mask.

I looked after Peter quite a bit this summer. Yesterday was my last day and as I was getting ready to leave Peter started tapping me..

Peter: “What time will you be here tomorrow?”
Me: “I’m sorry but I can’t come over tomorrow”
Peter: “But whyyyyy not?!?!”
Me: “Because I am moving”
Peter (who is starting to cry at this point) “Where are you going!?”
Me: “College”
Peter (crying a little harder now) “Like Steve from Blues Clues?”
Me: “Yes, just like Steve”
Peter (sobbing at this point) “I hate college, college is stupid”

I picked him up and gave him a hug then as I tried to put him down he wrapped his legs around my waist and refused to let go. At this point his mom started crying to along with his big brother.

Way to go Annette, You brought an entire family to tears.

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