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Doppleganger Week

Doppleganger is Facebooks latest fad.

In order to celebrate Doppelganger Week, Facebook users switch their profile pictures to famous people they have been told they resemble. It could be Michael Jackson, Zach Efron, or if you’re lucky, Natalie Portman or Jennifer Aniston

The trend appears to be catching on like wildfire, so much so that its success is being compared to that of the “bra color” status updates. The bra color trend had women updating what color bra they were sporting that day in order to raise awareness for breast cancer.

Here is my contribution to Doppleganger week. No, I am not going to put it on Facebook. This is me and boyfriend:

It’s not a celebrity but these are the two characters I thought were most like us so I broke the rules a little bit. I think it still counts.



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Once a Righty, Now a Lefty

I am converting into a lefty. Why? Because my right hand failed me and I’m stuck in this thing for 4-6 weeks. When my doctor (whose looks resembled a frog) told me to keep this thumb prison on for 6 weeks I just looked at him and said “and by 6 you mean 3, right?” he didn’t like my joke.

Whenever someone asks me what happened I change the story.

I was having a thumb war with sasquatch

I was swimming with little mermaid when a shark attacked her, I punched the shark to save Ariel

I ran into a burning building to save 14 children and tripped on my way out

Sex with a prostitute, it’s dangerous

Obama bit me.

I am an elephant trainer, an elephant sat on me.

I was in a roller derby tournament

The truth is…the true story is very boring.

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The time I brought an entire family to tears..

This is Peter. Peter is 3 years old.
He is wearing an umpire mask.

I looked after Peter quite a bit this summer. Yesterday was my last day and as I was getting ready to leave Peter started tapping me..

Peter: “What time will you be here tomorrow?”
Me: “I’m sorry but I can’t come over tomorrow”
Peter: “But whyyyyy not?!?!”
Me: “Because I am moving”
Peter (who is starting to cry at this point) “Where are you going!?”
Me: “College”
Peter (crying a little harder now) “Like Steve from Blues Clues?”
Me: “Yes, just like Steve”
Peter (sobbing at this point) “I hate college, college is stupid”

I picked him up and gave him a hug then as I tried to put him down he wrapped his legs around my waist and refused to let go. At this point his mom started crying to along with his big brother.

Way to go Annette, You brought an entire family to tears.

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Hey let’s accessorize giant pink ants then put them on display!

For Love 21 (a forever 21 accessory store) has the greatest window display ever! (and by greatest I mean AWFUL)

Sometimes when I’m in a bikini I like to take my giant pink ant for a walk, after of course I accessorize my little pet with lots of gold bling. You nailed in For Love 21, bravo.

Nothing about this window display makes me want to go inside and shop at this store, I shop there anyway despite the ant walking bikini wearing women display.

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Remember the time…

…we stayed up all night laughing until I couldn’t laugh anymore but couldn’t stop either which sounded like a grandpa wheezing? Which then made you laugh so hard you peed your pants?

Oh yea, and you were wearing a tutu on your head while holding a balloon with ninjas on it. I am so glad I caught this moment on camera.

I love my life. I apologize for how embarrassing this picture is.

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Me and my SNUGGIE family

I might have an addiction to “As Seen On TV” products, and I probably went out from 7pm to 7am in a SNUGGIE taking pictures, going to restaurants, bars, parties, basically everywhere and anywhere in the city wearing it. It was amazing how many people yelled “SNUGGIE” at us as we walked by, as if we were famous. They wanted to take pictures with us, some wanted to get a snuggie and join us on our snuggie tour. I think it was $14.95 well spent.
Me and my Snuggie family!

This video was capture at 3am in a Pizza place on top of the counter of course. Just one of the many places we were caught dancing.

Don’t worry, the Ellen show put one of our pictures up on the show. She loves SNUGGIES.


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Sometimes when I eat Starburst I like to play with them first…

It’s delicious and fun with a side of sticky fingers.

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