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What happened on my first day of school

I am a huge fan of the Olympics. I love everything about it. When I heard that 150 Olympians were going to be interviewed by Oprah on Wednesday so close to me I almost melted on the floor. Of course the tickets to this event were sold out, of course I had class, of course there were hundreds of people lined up to get into the park where they’d be interviewed. And of course I brought my camera with me just in case I got a glimpse of one of those wonderful athletes. My chances of seeing an Olympian was looking slim considering I had to be in class.

I have told this story about 102 times but I am going to tell it again (and probably a few more times after this) After class I started to walk back to my place. When I saw someone point out the massive amount of cop cars surrounding a couple open top tour buses. I looked up and there they were in all their Olympic glory, wearing USA jumpsuits and medals. I completely forgot about my camera in that moment, instead I punched the guy standing next to me (don’t ask me why, I am not sure what came over me) then I started waving like a fool. They waved back and I practically fell over with excitement. Of course, I didn’t think about taking my camera out of my bag until the tour bus drove away. I’m not too upset about it, because they waved. I might have followed the bus, I might have found out which hotel they were staying at (the general public was not allowed in there, boo) and I might have waited around a few hours to see if they’d return. Some might say I am a stalker.

The stage they were interviewed at…

The mess they left behind…

There is red, white, and blue confetti everywhere.

Yesterday was a really good day.

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Womens Gymnastics Recap.

It was a close competition, there were moments I felt like puking I was that excited/nervous/upset. Team USA womens gymnastics took second to the Chinese. Although team USA had a good chance and put up some good competition, unfortunately, they fell short of gold.

Alicia Sacramone fell, twice. But that doesn’t change the way I feel about her, she is wonderful and talented. ( I might have a girl crush on her )

It’s probably a bad thing but because of the Olympics I have become spiteful towards the Chinese. I never thought I’d actually wish for a girl to fall, but I did. Too bad the Chinese did no such thing.

It is almost as though these little “16” year old girls have no choice in the matter, chosen at the age of three they start training for the Olympics. Rarely ever seeing their parents, if they want to quit the sport or even take time off it is not acceptable.

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They are just kids. Their passports say 16 but I am going to have to call bluff.

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Observation: The top rings don’t cross over eachother

My weekend has so far revolved around the Olympic Games. If you are not watching, you are seriously missing out. I am so lucky boyfriend has TiVo, we have been able to record each individual sport which we then watch later so we can fast forward through all the crap (commercials) I am even luckier because later he plans on burning the games to a DVD for me so I can watch it as many times as I want whenever I want. Isn’t he wonderful? I think so.

Beijing 2008 Olympic Cupcake by clevercupcakes.
Photo Taken From

Things I love about the Olympic Games

  • They only come around every 4 years, making them a big deal.
  • The WHOLE world gets involved
  • Word Records
  • History
  • Opening Ceremonies
  • Fireworks
  • Talent
  • Traditions
  • Families supporting and cheering their loved ones on
  • Beach Vollyball
  • Diving
  • Trampoline
  • Swimming
  • The little Chinese boy who survived the earthquake in May and saved a few of his fellow classmates. When asked why he went back in the rubble to save people he said, “It’s my job, I am a hall monitor
  • I really can’t think of anything I don’t like about the Olympics, I love everything about it. Well… besides Fencing. I don’t like Fencing, sorry but it’s a little stupid.

Yesterday was perfect. Boyfriend and I ordered Chinese food, ya know cause its festive considering the games are in China, not to mention delicious. Then we watched about 4 hours (give or take) of the Olympics. After about 2 hours we started to feel like serious fat-asses. It was perfect.

My plan today? Eat leftover Chinese food and watch 4 more hours of the Olympics.

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Double twisting double back

I have seen it all. I saw a gymnast do a double full double back flip. It looked like she was flying.

I am so excited for the Olympics this year! I love everything about the Olympic games. The womens gymnastics is my favorite though. I have been busy watching the womens gymnastics trials on NBC, and let me tell you, gymnastics has reached an entirely new level of insanity. The sport, although I love it, is crazy. I believe I mentioned how crazy gymnastics is before.


1.    (used with a plural verb) gymnastic exercises.
2.    (used with a singular verb) the practice art, or competitive sport of gymnastic exercises.
3.    (used with a plural verb) mental feats or other exercises of skill: Verbal gymnastics.

The womens gymnastics trials continue tonight on NBC! Be sure to tune in, you won’t be sorry. I think you can watch the trials online too.

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Goodbye Carly

  A Gymnastics Coaches Blog
    Carly was my first favorite student. I tried not to pick favorites but I couldn’t help it. Carly was brilliant and very talented. I can honestly see her doing very well in gymnastics as long as she stays with it. Carly started taking one of my preschool classes when she was just three years old. She was good even when she was three, she was very soft spoken and sweet. I looked forward to having her in my class. She stayed in my classes as she got older, when she was six she was good enough to be on the team which I did not coach. She refused to join the team unless I went with her. I tried introducing her to her new coaches but once I left her side she would run out of the gym crying. I wanted to keep her in my class, I saw no harm in it. The team coaches thought differently. They didn’t like the idea of me keeping her. She needs more they would tell me. She was only six. After a very rough transition she finally joined the girls gymnastics team. I watched her practice. She was not the same girl I taught, she looked scared all the time, she didn’t talk to her coaches, and when they would talk to her she seemed very nervous. Then one day her mother came up to me and told me she was going to try another gym. My heart broke. I knew it was good for Carly. Carly couldn’t be in the same gym anymore her mother said it was because I was there and I was not her coach. She said she wished it could be different, she said she wished I coached the team. I told her that I understood. Which was true. I asked her to let me know how she did in her new gym. Her mom told me that Carly wanted to say goodbye to me. I knelt down in front of Carly and told her that she was going to love her new gym. I wanted to tell her she was my favorite, but I didn’t. She burst into tears and wrapped her arms around my neck “Are you mad at me?” She said in between sobs. I explained that I was not mad, that I could never be mad at her. But I told her that I was going to miss her. She said she was going to visit me all the time, then she told me I was her best friend.

That was the last time I ever saw her.

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A Gymnastics Coaches Blog.
    Kate is 7 years old. When we first me she thought I was goofy, I could tell she thought she knew more about gymnastics than me. She constantly informed me about all the practice she’s had and the classes she had taken. Whenever I asked her to do a trick she would say “I know what that is because I learned it already, I’m good at it” She was good, not as good as she said she was. But good nonetheless. Kate is very small for her age but hates it when you tell her that, I called her munchkin once. I have never seen a seven year old with such a fierce glare. Kate and I get along really well now, she isn’t like most seven year olds. She does not like being silly, or goofing around. Instead I talk to her like I would talk to an adult, she responds in the same manner. She is probably more mature than most of my friends who are my age. Every once and a while I want to squeeze her and tell her how cute she is being when she acts like an adult but I know she would just say “Coach Annette, what are you doing” She hardly smiles, she is always very serious. She never cries either, or looks upset. She just might be the most calm and collected little person you’ll ever meet. One Monday I decided to take my overcrowded class to a gym located down the hall from the main gym. I announced it to the class and explained to them that they had to line up at the door so we could all walk down together. They did as they were told and I ran out to grab the keys to the other gym. Once we were down in the other room I counted my students. I was missing one. I recounted. I asked the girls if they knew who was missing, I honestly didn’t know at the time. They told me I was crazy, and that everyone was present. I didn’t believe them. They reassured me I miscounted before. I still didn’t believe them but I chose to ignore that feeling. I started to explain the activity I had planned for them when I noticed Kate standing in the doorway. I was right, I was missing someone. I walked over to her and noticed her bottom lip was quivering. She was trying so hard to hold in her tears. “You forgot me coach Annette.” My heart sank. All I could do was hug her. It was the first time she had ever hugged me back, she didn’t let go. I think she didn’t want me to see what she was crying into my shirt. I asked her if she had gotten scared and she nodded. I can’t believe what I put that child through. How could I have just left her? It’s amazing how kids can move on, after a few minutes Kate was fine. She was practicing her cartwheels like nothing was bothering her, thats because nothing was. I stood there watching her and she would smile at me. She was fine. I wasn’t, I was/am still upset about what I had done.                    

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I painted my nails for Da Bears because I know how much they appreciate it.

Count On Losing The Superbowl

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